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Enhanced hybrid technology

Automotive brake pads

The ultimate in braking control Introducing the world’s first enhanced hybrid brake pads.

Gain a new level of control and confidence with Element3™ brake pads with Enhanced Hybrid Technology (EHT™). The world’s first brake pad to deliver the best attributes of ceramic and semi-metallic all in one pad. Element3 supports optimal performance, improves pad wear and durability, and increases stopping power during aggressive braking.

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  • Innovation EHT
  • Innovation

  • Enhanced Hybrid Technology combines the best attributes of ceramic and semi-metallic in one pad

  • Performance EHT
  • Performance

  • Formulated for long life, no noise, reduced dust, and better wear and durability

  • Stopping Power EHT
  • Stopping power

  • Engineered for maximum control in aggressive stopping situations




One million miles of testing

Dyno Validation Tests include:

  • SAE J2784-Performance
  • Link CA (Conformity Assessment) Report Format to FMVSS 135
  • USCT (US City Traffic) Dyno-Noise/Wear-Link
  • ISO26867-Performance-Link
  • LASD Link -Performance/Wear
  • BPI HR055- Performance/Wear
  • BPI V70-Performance
  • BPI V130-Performance/Wear/Noise

Independent Real World Tests

  • Domestic
  • FNP (Foreign Name Plates)
  • Police Fleets
  • Municipal Fleets

Tested for Unsurpassed Performance Across a Range of Problematic Tendencies on Many Platforms

  • High Pitch Noise
  • Low End Groan
  • High Energy Braking
  • High Coefficient of Friction Requirements
  • Heavy Duty Requirements
  • High Wear

Backed by our Element3

2 year Trouble Free Performance Guarantee


Quiet Steel® Shim

Noise reducing shims use a damping system construction to promote quiet stopping for added performance in a wide variety of temperature ranges and vehicle platforms.


Brake Hardware

For a complete repair, brake hardware and attached electronic wear sensors (where applicable) are included.

  • Abutment Clips
  • Piston Clips
  • Spreader Springs
  • Anti-Rattle Clips
  • Mechanical Wear Sensors

Copper Compliant

Friction manufacturers use copper in their formulations for faster curing and better heat dissipation. But as we learn more about copper's effect on the environment, we are exploring greener alternatives. As we fine-tune our formulas to meet new responsibilities, we remain committed to meeting customer expectations for smooth, quiet braking.

All EHT friction formulations meet 2021 copper compliance requirements. The 2021 laws limit copper to less than 5% by weight after January 1, 2021.

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